Into the Blue…

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These Muffins in paper liners
look and feel like pincushions –
sewing room tool
rather than kitchen product.
Compact like high density foam –
their spicy aroma
the only clue
that they might be edible.
The friend, from whom these were gifted,
loves baking.  “Someday,”  she says,
“I shall cater parties from my home!”
She is my friend and I love her –
so I smile and reply, “That will be fun,”
as my napkin strategically falls
across the paper plate
containing the banana pucks
and slight of hand deposits waste
into the accepting trash receptacle.

August 15, 2005


The water makes vessels
of once great buildings
filling them with rolling gray
that laps and caps against
the foundation walls.
And now I know my fear –
it is the secret of that writhing
grayness – what lies beneath
to swallow a soul, a body.
It is not a real thing I fear
but the idea of what could be.
A mythical Krakin of my mind’s making
laying just under the corrugated crests
known to have slain the tired, the weak.
Better to stay at water’s edge
than challenge this colossus
becoming fodder for the deep.

August 08, 2006