Into the Blue…

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Into Spring

A black dog journeys into spring
seeking the new – the fresh.
Ignoring the winter attired weald
along his path,  green whispers to his nose.
Breathing in the promise of youth
and warmth along an old cold trail.

May 23, 2006

Reflections of the Finite Universe and the Effects Upon Matter

How flickering fleet is this:
the moment we stand upon earth.
Precious and few years
of wasted wondering at our purpose,
second-guessing every passing
movement while waiting for the unknown
to bind us to an action, a course, a journey.
To affect. To ennoble. To immortalize.

We are stardust
and in a breath
we may be cast into the unknown
Never to be
gathered again
upon the hand from which we are blown.

August 2005 – September 2013