Into the Blue…

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There are thieves among us.
Predatory knaves hiding in skins—
passing for decent men—
their disguise so complex,
their mothers and sisters
call them “good boys”.
They cluster in clots.
Malice binding them together.
The naïve are their prey,
easy to steal dignity
from the innocent walking alone.
Dividing up their spoils—
who gets to hold,
who gets to watch,
who gets to gut her soul-
they thrill at their bounty.
They dump the discarded remains
along the way and journey home
to mothers and sisters and wives.
September 11, 2007

The Site

Replete with grief,
an effulgent moon
pouring cold, half-light
onto the arena,
the  remainders take harsh notes:
this is the rock that folded,
this is the edge over which he fell,
there, the tangled mess of gray (green?)
that is the landing place
where peace pressed its presence upon him.
In this pale theater, bent and broken blades
hang heavy with black blood.

August 21, 2005