Into the Blue…

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From the Landing

Bittersweet is a tacit flavor to the aged.
There and removed – apart yet pervasive:
the comfort that covers, the silent waiting,
the unseen organizer that delivers tidy fragments of the discarded.
A metaphor for the hidden folds of an adult life.
The sadness, the anger, the true silent nature of our beings…
the mute violence, the innocent blunder,
the trespass, the beatings, the rape.
In spite of the darkness and predation,
light throws shadows of the honorable
and rocks the sleepers until morning.

Beyond the Lie

That we should live a lie of life unbounded;
and all we touch, all we see to desire, be ours
for the closing of a hand, the nodding of a head.
Where cherished things remain possessed by one heart
and never need be severed from joy and jealousy.
A time forever chaste and weary.
Is one day less important than fifty and one years?
Perhaps fifty and six?
Is ninety and five too tedious and grandiose?
Is ten of less import or more than seven?
What is the measure of a life bounded:
in years and days of waiting and not knowing?
What truth is beyond the lie?
What dust will we become in the morrow?