Into the Blue…

Last Prayer

Still and waiting numb –
humming a tuneless furrowed lament,
you push into my hand
all that you can offer of love.
A brave heart fought that lion’s fight –
to live another day –
stayed beyond a dimmed twilight
to teach a last work, a final prayer.
Dawn’s dark hours soothed to silence –
you reached for river’s edge and
that rushing wave to carry you seaward.

July 25, 2008, 2012, 2014

Embraced in Green

Summer‘s canopy
welcomes home the prodigal;
back to land
marked by ancestry
in gray and gold lichen.
Tables emptied of the last
celebratory feast
wait to be laden with fare
fine and common
while leafy walls devour
laughter and warmly embrace
another generation.

September 30, 2006


I knew I lost you days after.
I saw your foot prints in the snow –
but often saw them there, and so…
And I waited for you in the morning.
Then I waited for you that night.
I asked if any had seen you –
and watched for signs in the darkness.
Alas, your last impressions turn to rock
in slashing, hacking cold –
their lines a fleeting testimony
to a love that melted to memory.

April 19, 2008, 2014



the recluse recedes by degrees –
a glacial community giving way
in harsh light – corporal heat,
drip by drip evaporating,
crawling back to frozen calm
safe – fragile – fearful – alone.

March 2008, 2014

After It

Then comes the day,
through no
perceptible change,
the moment arrives,
in a gesture.
Without fanfare,
a simple glancing touch
– dismissive –
separates then and now.
From in to out
the forsaken, the discarded
fade to obscure.

July 27, 2006


If only we could bargain
for those we love.
Cut a deal with darkness
so that they would live
in light unshadowed.
Bow our heads to fate,
fill a waning heart
with life, and behold
the richness of sacrifice.

February 27, 2014

Turn It Off

Turn off
this mind
that grinds
at these verses
and words
that just surge
all day
and night.
Stop the madness
quit with sadness
get some peace
and quiet –
think in pictures
not words
give it up
strike the cords
in my head –
go to bed
And fade
to black.

August 19, 2006 / January 2014